Early Bondage from Inxesse

June 21, 2009

Visit Inxesse to check out early sets of famous BDSM models like Chanta Rose and Jasmine Sinclair.

Lakefront Bondage

June 20, 2009

Visit Nature Bondage to check out the rest of this gallery of an amateur brunette staked out on the lake shore.

Spider Gag

June 14, 2009

Mason fashions a gag with a live black widow in it for Mina Meow over at Strict Restraint. Looks like it’s made out of a lightbulb? Check out the rest of the free gallery here.

Snow Torture

June 9, 2009

All this snow torture scene from Shadow Slaves is missing is a nice frozen steel cock.

Leather Paws

June 6, 2009

Ukrainian leather artist Bob Basset makes these gorgeous clawed leather mitts. I imagine they’d be a great accessory for puppy play.